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Get the latest industrial DJI drones from Poladrone, Premium DJI Distributor. Browse through our flagship spraying drone, PV-16S and Orcytes

Next Generation of Drones

Reshaping the future with revolutionary drone tech research and development. Bringing drone tech assimilation into all economic industrial sectors for streamlined operations as well as cost and time saving measures.

The Future of The Drone Industry

Taking the region's drone industry to the next level with expertise, professionalism and experience. Transforming industrial process at scale.

Precision, Safety and Efficiency

We deliver accuracy in data without compromise. We value spot on precision in operations and regarding safety in outmost importance.


Browse through our range of payloads collection from Sentera, FLIR and DJI for industrial applications such as thermal inspection and crop health monitoring

FLIR Thermal

Facilities and building inspection made easy with FLIR payloads. Heavy-duty payload for heavy industrial application.

Sentera NDVI

Be informed of crop health status, forescast yield and plan replanting sequence with NDVI lenses from Sentera


Providing the best software in the market, that can process and analyze drone data.


Airamap is an advanced aerial mapping analytics software, Airamap is used in industrial applications to monitor your on-site situation so you can do swift and accurate decision-making.

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